MAGIC WAGON - Quantum Tunnel

Product no.: 641




A wooden tube is shown, along with two solid brass bolts and a heavy steel ball. The performer threads both bolts through the holes in the sides of the tube, and secures them with the nuts. The spectator is then allowed to drop a steel ball into the tube and it is heard to stop with a loud thud as it hits the bolts blocking its travel. He is then allowed to look inside the tube and verify for himself that the bolts are, in fact, preventing a steel ball from travelling right through the tube. On the performer’s command, a solid steel ball magically penetrates both solid brass bolts and falls completely out the bottom! The tube is immediately shown to let the spectator see that the path is still blocked by the crossed bolts! It is a straightforward and utterly impossible effect.

  • Only one steel ball is used and it could be marked, if desired!
  • The brass nuts and bolts are not gimmicked in any way and the whole thing is assembled before the audience!
  • The effect is entirely self-contained with nothing other than the items seen is used!
  • The effect can be performed completely surrounded and it can be immediately repeated!

The tube stands approximately 15cms high and is completely hand-crafted from genuine teak and nicely decorated with brass inlay.

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